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Barista course

Serving a good cup of coffee in the hospitality industry is a true art form. It goes without saying that the coffee from our own coffee roastery contributes to this, but it also requires knowledge, expertise and the correct preparation method. That’s what we would like to convey to you. Customers and relations of Hesselink Koffie can take a Barista Course in the Coffee Coaching Centre located in our coffee roastery. This training course is provided by our qualified barista team (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe level 2 certified).

The barista course at Hesselink Koffie

  • Duration: approx. 3 hours
  • For Hesselink Koffie customers
  • Location: Coffee Coaching Centre in Winterswijk or Amsterdam
  • A maximum of 6 participants
More information about our barista course

Content of the barista course

The Barista Course focuses on the basics of the barista trade. During the course, you will receive a short introduction on coffee and its background. In our Coffee Coaching Centre you will learn to work with professional coffee machines, in order to make the perfect cup of coffee, espresso and cappuccino.

A very important element of the barista course is the correct foaming of milk for cappuccinos. All so you can serve your guests a delicious cup of this popular coffee variety.

To guarantee constant quality of good coffee in the future, it is of paramount importance to clean the coffee machine correctly. You will receive instructions and learn the correct way to clean the machine. This training is provided by our very own barista team. If you successfully pass this training, you’ll receive a barista certificate.

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