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Coffee concepts

There are numerous places where coffee is served. As the choice today is so vast, Hesselink Koffie offers various coffee concepts so that everyone can enjoy good coffee. Whether it’s about coffee at work, in the hospitality industry, a hotel or a care facility. We offer a matching concept.

We have the solution

Different people have different requirements, but there are also many coffee machines and many different coffees. To make it easier for you, we have thought out some ready-made coffee concepts. With the coffee machines from the coffee concept you’ll make the most delicious coffee in an instant. You can rent a coffee machine from us for a fixed rate per month. Or pay a fixed rate per cup of coffee. Want to know more?

More information about our coffee concepts

Our concepts

Hesselink Koffie wants coffee to make everyone happier. That’s why we offer various complete coffee concepts. This gives everyone access to the most delicious coffee from Hesselink Koffie, wherever they are. We provide the right machine, which can either be hired for a fixed rate per month, or the coffee can be paid per cup. Whatever suits you better. Check out our various coffee concepts below.


Hesselink Koffie is more than just coffee, because we also offer a range of teas as well. Our own Veine tea is suitable for any time of day. Do you want the coffee to taste even better? Be sure to present it stylishly. Apart from coffee, we also offer sugar, milk capsules and coffee biscuits to compliment the coffee.

This is where we pour happiness

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