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If there’s one place where a lot of coffee is consumed, it’s in the hospitality industry. The ideal place to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. In order to always serve your guests the best coffee, we have various machines especially suited to the hospitality industry.


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With a wide range of coffee machines, Hesselink Koffie offers every hospitality business a perfectly suitable hospitality industry concept.

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Hospitality industry concepts

Different people have different requirements, but there are also many coffee machines and many different coffees. To make it easier for you, we have thought out some ready-made coffee concepts. With the coffee machines from the coffee concept you’ll make the most delicious coffee in an instant.

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Hotels, restaurants and cafés; they are an extension of our home, sometimes even when far away. Coffee is coming home. As a hospitality entrepreneur you want your guest to come home in the comfort and luxury that they’re used to.

Whether that’s in your café or restaurant, where you want to create an environment in which your guests can share a pleasant moment together with friends and family. Or in your hotel, where you want guests to experience the intimate warmth of the bedroom where they unwind at home. With its blends, Hesselink Koffie offers a broad palette of moods that give your guests that feeling of home as soon as they walk through the door.

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The benefits:

  • All in one concept
  • Maintenance and repairs included
  • 100% climate neutral coffee
  • 5th generation coffee roasters
  • Royal warrant holders

30 day trial installation

Hesselink Koffie sees coffee not so much as a ‘product’, but as a service. So, we offer professionals the chance to try out a coffee machine for 30 days, free of charge. Experience it for yourself.

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If you would like some more information about our professional coffee machines, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us on +31 (0) 543 512 416. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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