Coffee machines

For the hospitality industry

Hotels, restaurants and cafés; they are an extension of home. At Hesselink Koffie we know the ropes, and we enjoy helping you put together the best hospitality industry concept for your hospitality business. All to put smiles on your guests’ faces. Take a look at our coffee machines here.

Whether it’s in a café or restaurant, you want to create an environment in which your guests can share a pleasant moment together with friends and family. As well as in a hotel, where you want your guests to experience a warmth similar to the chamber where they unwind at home. With its blends, Hesselink Koffie offers a broad palette of moods that give your guests that feeling of home as soon as they walk through the door. Take a look at our coffee machines here.

Did you know…

That there are coffee machines in various shapes and sizes? To decide which coffee machine is the right one for your business, multiple factors such as capacity, ease of use, coffee preference and the size of your business must be considered. With the large variety of coffee machines, there is a suitable machine for every organisation.

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Our range of coffee machines

Hesselink Koffie offers a wide range of coffee machines. Whether you own a large or small business, we have the right coffee machine for every business. Everyone can make the most delicious coffee at the push of a button. Good coffee means happy staff!

Bravilor machines

With the combined knowledge of Hesselink Koffie and Bravilor Bonamat coffee machines, you are guaranteed a perfect filter coffee for yourself, your staff and your customers.

Our Bravilor machines

Faema machines

Espresso machines with a passion for every product. Faema espresso machines are associated with quality, and they are very durable.

Our Faema machines

Grinders and frothers

A large range of grinders and milk frothers, suitable for every coffee need.

Our Grinders and frothers

Kees van der Westen machines

Every single machine by Van der Westen is hand-built. The perfect base for an espresso is always assured.

Our Kees van der Westen machines

Lattiz machine

A revolutionary milk frothing machine which makes it possible to make a cappuccino in seconds, simply by pushing a button.

Our Lattiz machine

Our concepts

We like to think along, because it's not easy to make the right choice from so many suppliers. That's why we have developed a number of ready-made coffee concepts.

Our Our concepts

San Remo machines

Espresso machines by Sanremo are true precision instruments, built for professional use. Surprise your customers with coffee of the highest quality.

Our San Remo machines

XLVI machines

The XLVI coffee machines are custom-made precision instruments. The objective of the creators is to innovate, build and develop, to create unique instruments for the baristas.

Our XLVI machines

Coffee machines

Smaller hospitality businesses can also make good use of our coffee machines. Hesselink Koffie offers a wide variety of fully automated machines. They are all easy to use, and of the best quality, of course.

Animo machines

Machines, suitable for every coffee need. That's how you make a perfect cup of filter or espresso coffee.

Our Animo machines

ETNA Machines

The quality of the coffee machines is guaranteed with 100% Dutch excellence.

Our ETNA Machines

Eversys machines

Groundbreaking automatic espresso preparation. Coffee of Barista quality at one touch of a button.

Our Eversys machines

Franke machines

Perfect coffee pleasure with every touch of the button!

Our Franke machines

Jura machines

The versatility of the Jura machines makes them suitable for nearly every situation.

Our Jura machines

Wittenborg machines

Elegant coffee machines with a sturdy character.

Our Wittenborg machines

WMF machines

WMF coffee machines represent German robustness, quality and precision at its best.

Our WMF machines


Hesselink Koffie is more than just coffee, because we also offer a range of teas as well. Our own Veine tea is suitable for any time of day. Do you want the coffee to taste even better? Be sure to present it stylishly. Apart from coffee, we also offer sugar, milk capsules and coffee biscuits to compliment the coffee.

Barista course

A perfect coffee starts with a workshop from our professionals.

Our Barista course

Coffee concepts

Good coffee starts with an experience and a good coffee concept.

Our Coffee concepts

Tableware and service products

Coffee isn't complete without beautiful tableware and sustainable service products.

Our Tableware and service products


Besides coffee, happiness also starts with a delicious tea.

Our Tea

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