Filter coffee

At Hesselink Koffie, you can find all kinds of coffee varieties suitable for the hospitality industry. Apart from espresso coffee, sustainable coffee and specialities, we also have filter coffee. This ground filter coffee is carefully selected and expertly roasted in our own coffee roastery.

The Hesselink filter coffee consists of 100% certified coffee originating from sources that are affiliated to sustainable fair trade coffee suppliers and organisations such as, for example, the 4C Association, the Rainforest Alliance and Max Havelaar Fair Trade. Quality is a key condition in the roasting and grinding of filter coffee. A lot of time and effort is also invested in our ground coffee blends. Whether it’s a finely or coarsely ground blend, all coffee varieties are of first class quality and roasted in our own easy roast method.


Get to know our products. Hesselink Koffie offers professionals the chance to try a selection of our coffee blends, tea and coffee-related products, free of charge.

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Filter coffee

Traditional and very modern. Eco-concious filter coffee for every occasion.

Fingerprinted Serious Brew

The Serious Brew blend has tones of slightly sweet dried fruit and caramel.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Brew

Fingerprinted Serious Ground

The Hesselink filter coffee consists of 100% certified coffee made from top Arabica beans.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Ground

Excellent Brew

Our Excellent Brew is a delicious blend, and suitable for fresh brew equipment.

BEKIJK DE Excellent Brew

Dessert fast filter

The blend of the dessert quick filter served as the inspiration for our other blends 130 years ago.

BEKIJK DE Dessert fast filter

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