Hesselink Koffie and ‘happiness’. For us, these two terms are intrinsically linked. Happiness is the driving force behind everything we do, and we are convinced that are our coffee contributes to the happiness of everyone in the coffee production chain. But why are we so sure of this? How does happiness flow through our actions and the organisation? We can tell you in seven steps. We’d like to take you along our seven steps of happiness, because that’s what Hesselink Koffie is about.

Fair Origin

At Hesselink Koffie, we are closely involved with the origins of our coffee. The coffee is produced on a fair basis. We can guarantee this by, for example, the quality marks on our coffee. The farmers receive a fair price, and the source of the coffee is preserved.

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Protecting Nature

We are aware of the impact we make. Which is why we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce that impact, and to do something in return for people and the environment. We do this by implementing, among other things, sustainability projects with the Hesselink Koffie Foundation.

Finest beans

At Hesselink Koffie, we know the exact origin of our green beans, and who produced them. We only work with the highest quality. Our beans are hand picked, so that only the best beans remain.

Excellent Flavors

Through years of experience and our expertise, here at Hesselink Koffie we know the exact formula to create a delicious blend. We are always passionately searching for the best taste experience. Whether you like very strong coffee or prefer it a little milder: we have the right formula for you.


As a family business, we know all about craftsmanship. Because we have been roasting coffee ourselves for generations, we know the craft inside out. Consequently, our production process is sustainable down to the smallest details. For example, we roast the coffee using the easy-roast method, and we use the residual heat to warm the building.

Sharing moments

We consider people and the environment in everything we do, so we are looking for ways of using coffee after consumption. Which is why we cooperate with organisations that have a similar perspective and want to be meaningful for our world.


Hesselink Koffie achieves happiness. We work to create ultimate moments of happiness on a daily basis, because we believe that our coffee should make everyone happier. We do our utmost to provide the best service and unburden our (corporate) customers as much as possible.


Hesselink Koffie pours happiness. A few years ago they asked which part of my job makes me truly happy. My answer? That I’m really happy and pleased when I hear someone say: “they serve delicious coffee here!”. My heart jumps for joy. That’s where I get my passion and energy from as an entrepreneur: making people happy with delicious coffee. And I do mean everyone.

Our belief is that every stakeholder in the coffee production chain must share in the happiness of Hesselink Koffie. From the farmer to the end user, as well as Mother Earth. Our way of doing business is all about sustainability, which we pursue with, among other things, our Hesselink Koffie Foundation and our sustainable company building. We do it to ensure that future generations can continue to pour happiness and, of course, continue to enjoy delicious coffee.

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