Ever since founding the company, we believe it’s important that our coffee raises smiles. Not just from the end user, but from everyone involved in the coffee production chain. Fair production, from the source to the farmer and the environment. Our coffee is produced in a fair manner. We can guarantee this by, for example, the quality marks on our coffee. The farmers receive a fair price, and the source of the coffee is preserved.




At Hesselink Koffie we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy good coffee. Not only now, but in the future as well. That’s why we invest in sustainable coffee. It feels nice.

Delicious coffee starts at the source. We think it’s important that our coffee is produced in a fair manner, and we do everything we can to ensure this. We make sure that the coffee has a positive impact both economically and ecologically. This applies to quality and the sustainability of the coffee. To monitor the sustainability, we use three certificates: Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade Organic and Direct Trade.


Coffee farmers face various challenges, including climate change. Due to climate change, coffee plants become more sensitive to, among other things, Roga, or leaf rust, which can cause the harvest to fail. Besides that, the coffee price is often too low, which leaves little room to invest in sustainability. A certificate helps with that. This, in combination with our quality criteria, ensures really good coffee.

The quality of coffee is divided in varying degrees. The same goes for sustainability. We guarantee sustainability with the following certificates: Fairtrade Organic and Rainforest Alliance. In addition, we are in direct contact with our coffee farmers (direct trade). The beans are purchased directly, without the involvement of a merchant.

These factors ensure that we operate at the top of

the coffee landscape
Het koffielandschap
DE PIRAMIDE VAN HET KOFFIELANDSCHAP In Nederland stroomt de koffie ons nog net niet door de aderen. Per dag wordt er in Nederland maar liefst 6,5 miljoen liter koffie gedronken. Ja, dat is een boel. Op jaarbasis drinken we per persoon ongeveer 150 liter koffie. Met zo’n geliefd product is het niet gek dat er […] Read more
. Sustainability is of great importance at Hesselink Koffie. We do our utmost for sustainable production of our coffee. The certificates contribute to that and they partly guarantee sustainable coffee.

Of course there are other factors that contribute as well, such as the quality of the coffee and the procurement, transport and production process. Below you can read what the sustainability certificates are about. Want to know more about our quality standards? You can find them under Finest Beans.

Besides the importance of good working conditions for the farmers, we also care very much about preservation of nature and protection of the environment. We monitor this very closely with True Cost Accounting, where we keep constant track of the impact we have on the natural and social environment. In this way, we gain some insight in what can be described as ‘hidden’ costs. Furthermore, we ensure the honesty of our products and our quality marks.


For four generations we have been doing what we are good at: serving coffee and making people happier. Which is why we dare to say that happiness is in our genes. Gerrit Hesselink has been at the helm of this great family business since 1983, and he has a clear goal: becoming the most sustainable coffee roastery in the Netherlands.


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