For everything we do, happiness is our driving force. By thinking about people and the environment in all that we do, we create a responsible cup of coffee. We create happiness by working day in, day out to put smiles on the faces of our farmers, our customers and the end user. We inspire, we share and we reveal (almost) all our secrets as we strive together for lasting happiness.

You can also make your guests, staff or yourself even happier, with delicious coffee and everything that goes with it. Because coffee is not just the product. It’s the experience.



We do everything to unburden our customers as much as possible. When serving the perfect cup of coffee, it’s not only the quality of the coffee that matters, but also the equipment, good technical support, competence of the staff and service products. At Hesselink Koffie, you can find the total concept. As well as coffee, we also offer the best coffee machines, coaching and attractive service products (such as tableware and biscuits), and, of course, excellent service. A total concept that we are proud of!


In a market where it’s increasingly important for a hospitality business to stand out, good coffee is at the foundation. At Hesselink Koffie we not only attach great value to the supply of good coffee from our own coffee roastery and professional coffee machines, but also to the way in which the coffee is prepared and served. To promote this, we provide Coffee Workshops for your staff.

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Serving a good cup of coffee in the hospitality industry is a true art form. It goes without saying that the coffee from our own coffee roastery contributes to this, but it also requires knowledge, expertise and the correct preparation method. That’s what we would like to convey to you. Customers and relations of Hesselink Koffie can take a Barista Course in the Coffee Coaching Centre located in our coffee roastery.

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We produce our coffee with the utmost attention. It is with the same attention that we keep contact with our customers. Each customer has one permanent contact person, for their convenience. This creates great relations.

Our valued ambassadors tell their story and give you an insight into the company. We want to share with you the enthusiasm and passion with which our ambassadors provide their colleagues, guests and/or staff with Hesselink Koffie every single day.



Hesselink Koffie is more than just coffee. We also provide tableware, tea and everything to accompany your coffee. Think milk cups, sugar or our special art dishes. Of course, we also offer the adequate branding material. Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch.

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