We view coffee not so much as a product, but as a service. A service that is so much more than just providing coffee. Because we strive for meaningful entrepreneurship, cradle-to-cradle. This means that you drink responsible coffee: from the selection of the beans to the support of our customers, and even the collection of the residual product, so that new products can be made from it. In everything we do, we think of the world around us. We work as circular as possible.

Everything we do has an impact. Sustainability and meaningful entrepreneurship are a top priority for us. Hesselink Koffie contributes to a better coffee world, which we influence wherever possible. Among other things through our responsible procurement and with our Hesselink Koffie Foundation.


The Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 goals and 169 sub-goals that should try to end poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Over the next ten years, these goals and sub-goals should incite action in domains that are of crucial importance to humanity and the planet. The implementation of the goals differs per UN member state. But one thing is certain: governments, NGOs, knowledge institutes, citizens and companies should commit to reach these goals by 2030.


In everything we do, we take people and the environment into account. We take it very seriously. Last year, our building was completely renovated. The aim was to create a fully sustainable company building. We are proud to say that we’ve reached that goal: the renovation is rewarded with a

BREEAM-NL BREEAM-NL is hét instrument om integraal de duurzaamheid van nieuwe gebouwen, bestaande gebouwen, gebieden en sloopprojecten te meten en te beoordelen. BREEAM-NL bevat dan ook negen verschillende duurzaamheidsonderwerpen: management, gezondheid, energie, transport, water, materialen, afval, landgebruik en ecologie en vervuiling, waarop wordt beoordeeld of een bedrijf duurzaam is of niet. Certificeren met BREEAM-NL betekent dat […] Read more BREEAM certificate
In-Use 4 star certification.

With this certification, Hesselink Koffie is officially the most sustainable coffee roastery of the Netherlands.


We are also very aware of the importance of renewable energy for our planet. With our 850 solar panels providing 175.000kWh a year, we generate power for the production of our coffee and the heating of our building. This means we don’t need gas, and Hesselink Koffie is technically energy neutral with electricity. For roasting the coffee, we procure green gas, and our surplus production is delivered back locally via AGEM.


During the production and transport of our coffee, CO2is released. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent that. What we can do is offset these emissions as much as possible. We achieve this with, among other things, gas-free heating and by limiting transportation. Besides that, we contribute to sustainable solutions in countries of origin with our foundation. Sadly, a 100% CO2 free business isn’t possible yet. But fortunately there is increasing awareness, and we can take measures where possible.


It is not just the Hesselink Koffie building that is made totally sustainable, the rest of the site has also undergone a thorough renovation. And this is paying off: Hesselink Koffie is the first Dutch company with a

NL-Greenlabel A
NL-Greenlabel Het NL-Greenlabel is ontwikkeld door Nico Wissing en Lodewijk Hoekstra in samenwerking met Royal Haskoning DHV en is gespecialiseerd in het meetbaar verduurzamen van de leefomgeving. Het label beoordeelt producten en diensten op zeven duurzaamheidsindicatoren: sourcing, samenstelling, productie, duurzaamheid, onderhoud, energie en end-of-life. Dat wil zeggen dat de bedrijfstuin moet voldoen aan goedgekeurde planten, […] Read more
for sites. Both animals and people can enjoy a pleasant, green environment that makes everyone happier. The NL-Greenlabel is developed by Nico Wissing and Lodewijk Hoekstra, together with Royal Haskoning DHV. The label assesses products and services based on sustainability indicators:

  • sourcing
  • composition
  • production
  • sustainability
  • maintenance
  • energy and end-of-life


Hesselink Koffie collaborates with Rotterzwam. They make it possible to give coffee grounds a new lease of life. The tonnes of coffee grounds that are left over as waste serve as breeding soil for oyster mushrooms. Rotterzwam has sea containers in Rotterdam where oyster mushrooms are grown on coffee grounds. It’s a wonderful example of how we give residual waste a new lease of life.


Just as coffee grounds are good for oyster mushrooms, they also make a great resource for soap, for example. That is why Hesselink Koffie has recently teamed up with Unwaste. They are an initiative that transforms coffee grounds into a unique hand soap.We are proud to be a very sustainable coffee roastery. Whatever we develop, or whatever we are engaged in, we also take care to ensure that everyone benefits from it.Thus, the sustainable jacket we wear fits like a glove. Because we want coffee to make everyone happier.

Lucky Bird

In the Netherlands, we discard around 250 million kg of coffee grounds. Lucky Bird makes new products with this residual waste. In doing so, Lucky Bird halts the uncontrolled dumping of resources. It's not only a good thing for our society, but for the producers as well, eventually. THE LUCKY CUP contains coffee grounds as a resource. Apart from that, the cups are part of a circular system that makes the farmer, the coffee supplier and you happier: because part of the proceeds are given back to the coffee farmer.

Stack It

Because we view coffee as a service, we involve ourselves with everything surrounding it. This includes waste. Together, we try to create as little waste as possible. To help our clients with sustainability, in cooperation with our cup supplier Moonen, we offer a recycling concept: STACK IT. That's how we implement the circular economy, and prevent unnecessary use of resources. With STACK IT we unburden our customers with sustainable and convenient products. We provide biodegradable sugar cane cups and related products. After use, we collect these products and dispose of them. The used cups are turned into biogas or compost.

Coffee as a service

Coffee as a Service ® is a cooperation between coffee roasters, local processors of coffee grounds and the coffee drinker. The concept, that the producer remains the owner of the product during its total life cycle, is perfectly suited to coffee beans. Did you know that only 0.2% of the coffee bean ends up in your cup, the remaining 99.8% is waste which usually ends up in general waste and subsequently in the incinerator. It's a great shame, because so much more value can be taken from this organic material. With Coffee as a Service ®, the customer can grind the beans and pour hot water over them, but the bean remains the property of the coffee supplier. The customer leases the coffee bean if you will. C.A.A.S allows for the most nature-friendly way of processing. They choose the highest quality processing method available. In doing so, they are inspired by the biomass vision of Nature & Environment. Burning it is never an option.


Community involvement is important to Hesselink Koffie. We implement this as much as possible in our company, even in our tableware range. Our Meaningful Art tableware collection consists of two tableware ranges, both designed by artists with disabilities. In that way, the artists have a stage. Wendy from Estinea designed a cheerful art tableware collection, and Quinten, a boy with autism, created a more abstract design. As opposed to our ‘regular’ tableware, the customer pays a small symbolic contribution for the Meaningful Art tableware. All proceeds are donated to Stichting Vrienden van Estinea, or the Autismefonds.


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