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This is Hesselink Koffie. A true family company, of which the foundations were laid by the first Hesselink generation in 1885. Now, over 135 years later, the fourth generation is at the helm and we still do what we’re good at: making the most delicious coffee. Core values such as quality and sustainability are always at the heart of the family business.

We believe it’s important that everyone in the coffee production chain is happy with our coffee. That’s why we see at as our mission to add value to all links in the coffee production chain. We select only the best coffee beans with the utmost care. We only cooperate with certified parties, and we roast our own blends. This gives our coffee the real Hesselink Koffie flavour, and we are confident to say that our coffee is just really, really good. As well as coffee, the family business also offers its own tea brand Veine tea, products to accompany the coffee, coffee machines, and complete coffee concepts.

We pour the coffee of tomorrow. Now and in the future. We want coffee to make everyone happier.

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Get to know our products. Hesselink Koffie offers professionals the chance to try a selection of our coffee blends, tea and coffee-related products, free of charge.

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