Hesselink coffee in your specialty store

After years of supplying coffee to the B2B market, it’s time to make a long-cherished dream come true. Because the Hesselink coffee roastery would also like to enable consumers to enjoy our delicious coffee at home. We would love to embark on this new adventure with you, enabling you to offer our cafe-quality coffee in your store. Our coffee has high-quality characteristics, which is why we deliberately opt for speciality stores where quality is of utmost importance.

History repeats itself

Our 135-year-old family business is no stranger to offering our coffee in the retail sector. Almost 100 years ago, in 1922, the focus of Hesselink Koffie was also on roasting coffee for other grocery stores in the area. At that time, the quality of Hesselink Koffie was already known far and wide. Taking a step back into the retail sector feels like history repeating itself after 100 years.




We’ve been roasting the most delicious coffee in the Netherlands for 135 years.

  • Freshly roasted coffee from our own roastery
  • 100% certified coffee of the highest quality (handpicked & high grown)
  • Premium quality
  • Sustainably produced


Of course, it also remains to be seen for you as a shopkeeper whether the product will be a success with your customers. Again, we are open to discussing things with you. Hesselink Koffie will set up the product display on a trial basis. After this try-out, a decision may be made on whether the display will stay or not. Any subsequent restocking of the display will be charged per box. Would you rather not proceed with the display? No problem, we will charge you for the bags of coffee you sold and pick up the unsold ones and the display.

This way, there is no risk for you, the retailer!


Long-term relationship

We look forward to building up a long-term relationship with you. Together, we can make more consumers happy with delicious, honest and sustainable coffee. For you, it’s a nice profitable addition to your product range, resulting in repeat visitors. For us, it’s a way to make even more people happy with our coffee.

Advantages of a long-term relationship

  • Beautiful presentation of the coffee in an appealing display
  • A competitive price for premium quality coffee
  • No large investment upfront
  • Marketing support for social media
  • Visibility in our store locator

Discover where our blends originate from

At Hesselink Koffie, we select only the finest beans. Different blends can be made from various coffee types. By mixing them, the best characteristics of the coffee beans come together. That creates a blend, which perfectly fits our needs in terms of taste, aroma and mouthfeel. Hesselink Koffie procures its various blends from a variety of coffee plantations. Because we accept our responsibility as premium coffee roasters, we will bear the costs we incur to make the most delicious coffee.

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